Open a company
in Estonia

How to open a company in Estonia?

You can open a company in Estonia using an e-Residency card.

If you already have an e-resindency ID card on hand, you can open a company right away. The company will be registered the next day.

In order to register a company, you need to contact us, go through KYC verification (‘know your client’) and after that we ourselves will prepare an application in the commercial register, you just have to sign it.

Why is it worth opening a company in Estonia?

No income tax

In Estonia, there is no tax on retained earnings, that is, if you do not take money from the company for needs not related to entrepreneurial activity, you will not have income tax.

Remote company management

Thanks to the e-resident card, you can manage your company from anywhere in the world, you can also delegate your authority to an Estonian representative, for example, for filing tax returns for your company.

European jurisdiction

Estonia is a member of the European Union and all European directives and laws apply here. European Union law takes precedence over Estonian law.